Research, Development, and Innovation

Our senior R&D Experts provide grant and credit support to reduce your RD&I costs

To significantly reduce the cost of Research, Development, and Innovation (RD&I), your company can avail of various Government incentives throughout the lifecycle of your project. 

Our multi-disciplined team leverage their expert industry knowledge to provide you with complete RD&I project lifecycle management, ensuring you receive the grants, tax refunds, and reduced tax rates to which you are entitled.

Whether you’re a business start-up, SME, or a large established company, we can help you to reduce your RD&I costs by up to 50%.

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Research, Development and Innovation Incentives

With combined experience in Tax, Science, Engineering, and Computer Science, our team have the deep technical know-how to guide and advise you through the various Government incentives available.

Our unparalleled track record has qualified over €750 million of expenditure to date, compiling some of the most significant R&D tax credit claims made in the country.

Our project lifecycle approach provides holistic management to save you costs on planning and initiation, research, design and development, and implementation and exploitation.