Research & Development Incentives

Our senior R&D Experts help you to maximise your R&D tax credit claim.

Our multi-disciplined team leverage their expert industry knowledge to provide you with an end-to-end claim management service. Our hands-on approach alleviates the administrative burden from you, so you can focus on doing what you do best.

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R&D Tax Credit Support

With combined experience in Tax, Science, Engineering, and Computer Science, our team have the deep technical know-how to ensure you receive the R&D tax credits to which you are entitled.

Our unparalleled track record has qualified over €750 million of expenditure to date, compiling some of the most significant R&D tax credit claims made in the country.

By working closely with your company, we provide clarity around documentation, free up valuable time, share key industry insights, and produce a quick turnaround on your claim. 

Save valuable time
Alleviate the administrative burden
Have clarity on required documentation
Receive expert industry advice
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Benefits of Our Approach

End to End Claim Management

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Our fully hands-on approach means we can plan, organize and manage your R&D incentives from project inception to completion.

Robust Process

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Our Experience — Over €500 million of expenditure successfully qualified across a broad spectrum of industries.

Time Effective Process

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We offer one of the most efficient ser-vices in the industry, combined with the agility to respond to client needs.

Multidisciplined Expertise

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Our multidisciplined scientific/technical and tax team ensure that you receive the grants, tax refunds, and reduced tax rates to which you are entitled.

Claim Documentation Preparation

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Unlike other service providers, we remove the administrative burden and compile the detailed claim documentation on your behalf. This enables employees to focus on actual business objectives.

Added Value

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Interactive cloud-based project management and data analytics solutions providing company and relevant sectoral insights.