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We have over 50 year’s combined experience working with businesses to strengthen their defence against cyber-attacks.

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Our robust Health Check ensures your entire system is safe, not just the controls.

The BDO Health Check will:

Diagnose Both Controls & Configuration for Compliance

Provide Contextualised Recommendations for Priority Risk Mitigation. 

Deliver A Fact-based Action Plan For Security Improvements In As Little As 7 Days.  

We understand your systems are as unique as your business. So, our team will:

For an end-to-end solution that builds your defence against cyber-attacks.

Meet our Cyber Security Team with over 50 years combined experience

Our Two-Pronged Approach to Cyber Security

Firstly, the initial Scan highlights the technical vulnerabilities in your remote, cloud and on-premises infrastructure that needs addressing. This is followed by a Procedural review based on the CIS Controls Framework to assess your organisation's approach to managing your security. 

From this detailed analysis, you will receive a Technical and Procedural action plan that maps recommendations against CIS’s 18 controls – providing you with a more robust assessment that improves the resilience of your business’s data security systems and benchmarks them against the premier global security standards.

BDO's Cyber Health Check is a comprehensive diagnostic tool that allows you to gain control of your systems security, increase visibility on security issues and enables timely responses across both on premises and hybrid environments at scale. 

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