Amazon® and eBay® Marketplace Development & Revenue Delivery.

Helping You Sell More Online.

We expand your eCommerce store across the biggest marketplaces worldwide. Our experienced consultants keep your brand and products available and accessible to your customers. We work with you on the best integrations and solutions to seamlessly expand your online presence on marketplaces such as Amazon® and eBay®.
Our team guides you through every step, from set-up to advising. We source the best optimisation processes to convert leads and drive your online sales.

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Marketplace Development
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Our services include the following supports.

• Creating the capability to list on marketplaces – margin analysis and product selection.
• Onboarding - technical set-up and listing preparation.
• Administrative set-up/registration process and account management introduction.
• Optimisation - based on data, products, and feedback.
• Training and hand back.
• Reporting.
• Maintenance of required data feeds back and forth.

  • Preparing reports.
  • Interpreting reports and developing insights.
  • C level and CEO - vision setting.
  • Strategy preparation
    • Shaping and defining clear strategy – vision, mission, and goal setting right across the business. Making a clear plan for goal setting and communicating throughout the team structure.
  • Capability study
    • Building an as is analysis of where the business is today in terms ability to deliver on the required strategy. This can help inform hiring/training and outsourcing plans for a considerable time. This is also a key lever in moving culture towards being more digitally focused and aware.
  • Brand Registry set up and management.
  • Shop set up and build.
  • Multichannel brand and listing monitoring.
  • Maximise Digital shelf products and visibility.
  • Price monitoring across channels and margin protection.

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