Active Insights

Microsoft licencing & Cybersecurity risk assessments

How much do you truly know about your cybersecurity posture and licensing stance? If you don’t have a deep understanding of where you currently stand, you’ll never be able to make data informed decisions or make necessary improvements.

BDO Digital Active Insights cybersecurity risk assessment services provides your organisation with tools that help you gain a deeper understanding of your security posture and Microsoft licensing stance.

Here are just a few of the things that Active Insights can do:

Identify risks and opportunities to consolidate duplicated functionality.
Provide insights and spotlight savings opportunities.
Help you better develop a security improvement journey.
Give you a clear idea of what the ROI would be for driving security and licensing improvements.
Establishes a business case for additional Microsoft functionality.


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Cyber Risk Assessments That Give You a Deep Understanding of Your Security Posture

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The Active Insights Cybersecurity Assessment, powered by BDO Digital’s deep analytics, is designed to support organisations on their journey to a bright, secure Microsoft future.

Improved governance across licensing and security through key actionable insights.

Convert cloud sprawl and budget waste into value.

Identify opportunities to decrease risk and increase ROI.

The Road to Cybersecurity and Compliance — What Active Insights Can Do for You

BDO Digital Active Insights cyber risk assessment offers AI-based analysis for increased cost savings across Azure and M365 subscriptions. Evaluate your security-at-a-glance, security score, third party consolidation, license management on a continual basis. Take cloud sprawl and resource wastage, and with intelligence-backed analysis, find savings, control costs, and re-allocate resources to better serve projects and goals.

Deep AI-driven analysis

Cost savings, wastage reduction

Re-allocation of resources

Azure, M365 licensing and Premier Support included

Score reports, testing/proving security posture

Identify your usage and security risks