Reach your organisations' full potential with the cloud HCM built for the modern workforce.

Dayforce is a cloud HCM solution that streamlines payroll, human resources, talent management, document management, and analytics into a single application, giving your people access to real-time data and results from all domains of HCM.

Ensure a seamless, hassle-free set up with BDO, Ceridian’s global implementation partner.

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As a single application, Dayforce provides organisations with access to real-time data and results from all domains of HCM. 

Organisations can find and hire the right people, create schedules that support work-life balance, manage employee development, process pay, and administer benefits, all while maintaining compliance throughout the employee life cycle.

As Ceridian’s global implementation partner, BDO’s world-leading HCM experts will ensure a seamless, hassle-free set-up and enable your people to reach their full potential.

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Dayforce Capabilities Modules At A Glance

Dayforce Ceridian transforms HCM from a collection of disparate systems reliant on fragile interfaces to a single, streamlined, real-time application.

Payroll >

Replaces batch-driven payroll with a real-time cloud application. Increase efficiency, reduce cycle time, and achieve better results. Enjoy accurate and compliant payroll, in real-time. Enable your employees to view and manage their pay information anytime, anywhere.

Human Resources >

Enables organisations to focus on their most important asset - their people. With extensive self service, organisational charting, configurable workflows and communication capabilities, organisations can manage and empower employees throughout their lifecycle.

Onboarding >

Helps bridge the gap between hire and start date with a tactical and social onboarding experience. Eliminate paperwork and help new hires connect with the company’s culture to be productive sooner.

Recruiting >

Provides a streamlined recruiting process for candidates, hiring managers and recruiters. Identify staffing needs, create job requisitions, and find and hire best fit candidates. Learn how Dayforce can make recruiting easier for everyone.

Learning >

Makes learning an integral part of the employee journey. In addition to formal techniques, it involves employees in the creation and sharing of content, provides coaching capabilities and enables organisations to create a unique learning plan for each employee.

Dashboards >

Helps HR professionals combine workforce data to uncover trends, evaluate benchmarks and create meaningful presentations from charts and graphs. With more than 400 predefined views curated by experts across payroll, benefits, workforce management, human resources and talent management, make better decisions.

Performance Management >

A flexible, intuitive, and quickly adopted for immediate impact. Rapidly deploy best practices from the experts – cascading goals, continuous conversations between managers and employees, and ongoing coaching and development.

Compensation Management >

A complete solution for managing compensation changes. It provides the tools and information needed to make better decisions. By leveraging real-time data, managers can view guidelines, updated budgets and historical compensation data to help reward the right employees appropriately.

Succession Planning >

Enables you to prepare for people changes while developing talent from within. This will help support employees’ career goals and ensure your business continues to run smoothly.

Document Management >

A single data source for capturing the information surrounding the employee lifecycle. With easy organisation and retrieval and enhanced security and privacy, replace file cabinets and document sharing with secure, cloud-based document storage.

Workforce Management >

Helps organisations improve performance, reduce labour cost and align the workforce with corporate goals. Enable compliance with the labour rules and policies that affect your business and spend more time focusing on strategic business activities.

Engagement >

Can help you build a highly-engaged workforce with tools to better understand your people. Continuously measure and collect feedback from your employees, and build data-driven strategies to drive change, boost retention, and motivate your workforce.